Sunday, September 7, 2008

Discover Homeopathy

By Mark Archer

Not to be confused with aromatherapy, homeopathy has been around for quite some time. Since the 18th century when bloodletting was the cure of the day throughtout Europe, homeopathy was giving hope to those who rejected the dangerous practices of traditional medicine. Still popular, it is the second most popular treatment in the United States.

The concept of homeopathy is based on the law of similarities. This is very much like the idea behind vaccinations. When we get a vaccination for a disease, we get a little diluted dose of the disease and our immune system fights off the disease. Most healthy people who get vaccinated will develop a little sickness after the vaccination, but it will quickly disappear. This is because their immune system kicked in and killed the disease. Once the disease has been cured by the immune system, it does not reoccur.

Homeopathy is similar. There are approximately thirty common remedies used to treat a variety of ailments. You get a small dose of the remedy that has been highly diluted. This remedy would create the symptoms of your ailment in a healthy person. Homeopathy depends on and strengthens the immune system to come to the rescue. This is why homeopathy works so well for many ailments.

In addition to using the natural immune system in the body, homeopathy also treats the entire body and seeks the cause of the illness instead of just treating the symptoms, as in the case of traditional medicine. In traditional medicine, if you go to the doctor for an ache or a pain, only the ache or pain will be treated.

Instead of traditional medications such as chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer that may or may not work, homeopathy uses the natural immune system to fight off the cancer. This has been known to work in some people. There has been a medical link between the immune system and cancer. Most people, however, choose to use traditional medicine when treating cancer. Actress Suzanne Somers was criticized for using homeopathic remedies to treating her breast cancer, but she survived her ordeal. Other celebrities with this disease were not so fortunate, yet they went the traditional medicine route.

Homeopathy may or may not work on each individual. Most homeopaths believe that disease or ailments come because of a disturbance in the life force. When an ailment refuses the remedies of homeopathy, it is thought that the disease was inherent and would have been unable to be treated even with traditional medicine. This happens often when people, as a last resort, use homeopathy as a way to cure certain diseases after traditional medicine has failed.

Homeopathy has been enjoying a new popularity lately, though it has been around for about two hundred years. As more people get acquainted with it, more and more people are finding out about its effectiveness and gentleness.

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