Sunday, September 21, 2008

High Heels and Back Pain

By Taylor Beartoes

A fashionable pair of high heels is an essential part or any women's wardrobe. There are many brand names that we recognize, such as: Gucci, Steve Madden, Monolo blahnik and Christian Louboutin.

What do these high heels really do? For a women it makes the legs appear longer, the tush will appear to be higher and the calves are going to look and appear sleeker. What they are is a symbol of sex appeal and of course feminine beauty.

Orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors see high heels as one of the main causes for womens back pains. You may find yourself enslaved to have chronic back pain if you find yourself enslaved to those 4 inch stilettos.

If a women walks in her high heels all day, she will be putting her health at risk and a strain on her back. This is because an average woman walks 10,000 steps a day.

The high heels actually cause the body's weight to actually be centered forward, on or in the toes. Rather than distributed equally throughout the entire foot. What happens is this goes against gravity and nature. It causes stress on the muscles and on the vertebrae of the spine.

When women remove their high heels, you will hear a sign of relief. The relief of her whole body will feel like she is back on solid earth. The back pain will be relieved until she puts her high heels on again. The pain will come in the form of muscle spasms, stiffness and soreness.

The High Heeled Hell Story The trend for many centuries was for both men and women to wear high heels. It would make them seem taller and show some form of status in high society. Women would wear them to help increase their overall beauty and men would wear them to keep their feet in stirrups.

High heels are no longer fashionable for men but they still are for women and has been since the 1500's. Today, high heels are not only associated with youth and high fashion, but with sex as well. Playboy models, runway models and celebrities all still portray this trend. The high heel allure is among the masses.

Women have been suffering from back pain ever since the 1500's because of high heels. Here are some things that the high heels cause:

Bunions - Pain in back of calves and buttocks - Hip pain - Slipped discs - Calluses - Curvature of the spine - Chronic back pain - Knee osteoarthritis - Hammertoe

In the 1980's, the fat high heel became popular and is not less harmful than the skinny toed heel that is popular today. The fat high heel showed that it caused increase pressure on the knees.

What is recommended in heel size from podiatrists and orthopedists is one half to three quarters of an inch. This height is better at reducing back pain than the flat heeled shoes. What the small amount of lift does is it supports the foot, knees and the back. The physicians say that high heels should come with a warning that reads "Hazardous to your health!" If people listened to that back pain would be reduced.

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