Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Benefits Of Coral Calcium

By Lee Dobbins

The number of people who take advantage of the health benefits of coral calcium all over the world is in the millions. Of course, there are different types of coral calcium so it's bests to be knowledgable before you go out and buy supplements for your health. Here is a bit about marine coral calcium:

Whether it's organic or inorganic, marine coral consists of two major compounds, calcium and magnesium; and it's tasteless and odorless. Marine coral diffuses slowly in water, approximately 1% per hour. However, it will dissolve much faster (within minutes) when ingested by capsule into the stomach.

One of the benefits of coral calcium is that it can adjust to the alkalinity of water over a period of time. It also helps in controlling the bacterial content in the water and aids in removing the residual chlorine as well as other impurities.

When you are trying to learn about marine coral calcium it is important to know how a general certificate of analysis of coral calcium should read. It should be 20% to 28% of calcium and 10 to 14% of magnesium. Lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and bacteria should read below critical levels. The coral calcium should also be checked for its content of PCB's or poltchlorinated biphenyls - man made toxins. The PCB's should test negative in coral calcium in order for it to provide you with health benefits as they are thought to contribute to many diseases including cancer.

Mineral chelation is another important characteristic to be aware of with marine coral calcium. In nature mineral chelation occurs when organic substances bind to metallic minerals or metal ions. Chelation occurs in coral calcium when the metals are diffused into the body chemistry. Much research has shown that the body can use chelated metals more efficiently than plain minerals.

It is not necessary to an understand the characteristics of marine coral calcium in order to reap the healthy benefits of coral calcium - simply buy the best quality capsules you can and see how your health improves!

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