Friday, November 14, 2008

Constipation Remedies And Colon Cleansing

By Keith M. Henry

Colon cleansing is becoming very popular,and is becoming more and more routine among those who want better health. A colon cleanse can be very beneficial for all sorts of ailments even abnormalities like chronic constipation and acne

Constipation can be caused because of irritable bowel movements, excessive and chronic use of laxatives, worry, anxiety, fear, lack of physical activity and problems with intestinal function (chronic idiopathic constipation) etc. However, the most common reasons for constipation are a diet low in fiber or a diet that is high in fats, such as cheese, eggs, and meat.

Bowel Friendly Foods

Grapes have proved highly beneficial in overcoming the occurrence of constipation. The combination of the properties of the cellulose sugar and organic acid in grapes make them a laxative food. Fennel has properties in curing digestive problems. The regular use of fennel will normalize the working of the digestive system and heal the constipation problems. Fennel has exceptional properties in curing digestive problems. It is traditionally provided in Indian cuisine after each meal. It is also found in some commercial colon cleanses.

Fruit salads with fruit such as guava and papaya can be very helpful in cases of constipation. Such fruit salad provides good roughage that helps clear your bowel system and thus prevent constipation. In fact the regular consumption of papaya in the morning on an empty stomach helps prevent constipation. Fruits naturally contain the right balance of distilled water and nutrients to act as natural constipation remedies.


Exercise, or lack thereof, is seen as a cause of constipation because some believe that without regular exercise our metabolic rate slows, which means a longer digestive cycle and thus less regular bowel movement. Among other reasons the fact is, the longer the stool spends in your digestive system, the more water is excreted from the stool, which results in a harder stool which is more difficult and painful to pass.

Colon Cleanse

A dependable commercial colon cleanse will typically be plant based and will support and encourage intestinal detox with a combination of bulk fibers, natural laxative-like compounds, and so forth. As an illustration psyllium husk and fruit pectins provide essential fiber to the digestive tract, whilst herbs like Slippery Elm bark, Cascara Sagrada, and Marshmallow powder promote natural flushing of the colon.

In a nutshell bad eating habits, lack of exercise, not drinking enough water etc., lead to constipation, and the sooner these habits are dropped and corrective habits instituted, the sooner relief from constipation will be realized.

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