Friday, November 28, 2008

What's a Good Home Treatment For TMJ Problems?

By Rashel Dan

TMJ may become a painful experience for some. It doesn't mean though that you need to resort to drastic medical solutions. In non-severe cases TMJ can be avoided or treated at home. What home treatment TMJ solution can you use?

Relaxation Techniques

Tension and stress may not always cause TMJ problems but they could cause a minor form of it or make an existing TMJ condition worse. Just imagine what you do every time you feel tense. You may not know it but you may be clenching your teeth or hardening your facial muscles. This could result in TMJ problems. One good home treatment TMJ solution is to simply be aware when you are tense and relax. If you find it hard to ease the tension away, then look for ways that could help you do so. You could take a break from work and have a relaxing cup of tea or you could imagine a relaxing thought while listening to soothing music. Whatever can help you relax is a potential home treatment TMJ solution.

Eating Schedule

Our busy schedule does not always allow us to eat on time. This is one practice that could lead to a TMJ problem. Another home treatment TMJ solution is to reserve your eating schedule for eating only. This will ensure that you never have to chew and swallow hurriedly as a result of work momentum.

Use Jaws Properly

You can further protect your jaws by not overusing them. This means you should only eat hard food occasionally or avoid them altogether. If you know that you have a recurring jaw problem, then steer clear of bubble gum or chewing gum. Let your jaws rest after your main daily meals. Large chunks of food should also be sliced before you put them in your mouth. Doing so would mean your jaws would have to work less in breaking down food.

Good Posture

Having a good posture is also a home treatment TMJ solution. Immobile, hunched or stiff positions could lead to jaw pain. Good posture on the other hand can ensure that your jaws are properly situated.


Cold or hot compress is an excellent TMJ prevention and cure. A cold or hot compress can ease the stress and pain on your jaws.


Although it may be a good idea not to overuse your jaws, you should practice proper jaw exercise as an additional home treatment TMJ solution. It would be a good idea though to specifically ask your doctor for exact instructions on jaw exercises. Massaging and moving your jaws on your own might not be appropriate for your specific condition.

Take Medicine

Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications or pain relievers to aid your home treatment TMJ methods. Together with applying a compress, this is probably one of the safest home treatment TMJ solutions.

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