Thursday, November 6, 2008

Say Goodbye to your Plantar Warts

By Virginia Pipolini

What is a plantar wart? It is a virus called verruca plantaris, and can be found on either the sole of the foot or the toes. They are usually harmless, but should be treated to prevent discomfort and spreading. You may not even know that the rough patch on your foot is a plantar wart.

Plantar warts are easy to spread. You can contract this virus anywhere that people go barefoot, like public shower, beaches, bathrooms and pool areas. Unfortunately this virus can survive for months without a host. Statistics show that an estimated seven percent of the population have plantar warts.

You may not recognize your plantar wart. It could appear to be just a patch of dry hard skin, but deeper in the skin you likely have a plantar wart. It takes several weeks for the growth of plantar warts to become visible.

Can plantar warts spread to other parts of the body? Yes they can, and they can form into clusters called mosaic warts. There are many other types of non-genital warts as well.

There are many treatments for plantar warts, some as radical as chemotherapy. The best way to deal with this virus spreading is by cleaning the walking surfaces so that the virus does not come in contact with others. Prevention is truly the best medicine.

Of the many treatments available I am intrigued by the success stories of using MMS, or miracle mineral solution. This is a very inexpensive treatment, and it has been reported that the warts usually discolor and flake away after a week of application.

MMS, or miracle mineral solution, has been used for other skin issues as well, like rashes and acne. The unhealthy skin usually scabs and falls off in a week. Some may find the MMS on their skin to be irritating. If it is you can leave it on for 30 to 60 seconds and then wash it off, this gives it plenty of time to work.

You can use MMS to clean and purify surfaces in your home. It has been used for many years as a water purifier. It is cost effective to use, and people continue to find many effective applications for this simple solution.

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