Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do You Have Hemorrhoids Or A Fissure?

When it comes to the difference between a hemorrhoid and a fissure there really isn't much that changes. Essentially a fissure is a sore rather than a swollen gland but they both feel about the same. A hemorrhoid is essentially swollen glands where as a fissure is more like the cracks that happen on the side of your mouth from time to time but also appears in the anal region.

Hemorrhoids fissure cracks can be painful and happen about as much as hemorrhoids do, actually more. A fissure is more like an ulcer that happens in the anal cavity caused by cracks in the skin or from scraping of hard fecal matter. Fissures healing does not have to be a complicated thing, in fact there are many things you can do to promote healing from hemorrhoids fissure cracks.

In some cases using the cream or ointment designed specifically for fissure ailments can help. Another way is to let the body repair it by taking in a special remedy of herbal supplements, and of course the right diet helps. Lots of water and high fiber diets help to loosen the stool and take away the culprit of the problem!

Fissure pain can be as excruciating if not dealt with pretty quickly, as this is unlike the hemorrhoid itself, exposed to bleeding and also exposes nerve endings. One of the easiest ways to treat hemorrhoids fissure problems is to start eating a high fiber diet to avoid what often causes this problem such as passing hard big stool. When you have a hemorrhoids fissure passing any kind of tool can be painful but nothing hurts worse than passing a big hard stool.

Taking herbal supplements should supplement your high fiber diet, although be careful not to let this replace it. Some formulations on the market designed for hemorrhoids and fissure problems are just what you need.

The other thing you should think about when it comes to hemorrhoids fissure pain is you should always take in a lot of fluids which help the body not become constipated and it also helps the body to heal. There are a lot of things you can do to avoid hemorrhoids fissure in the first place.

Fissure as you know comes generally from hard stool and forcing its way through the anal cavity, so it stands to reason that you can avoid a hemorrhoids fissure simply by watching your diet and giving your body plenty of fluids so that this type of stool doesn't happen.

The same thing you would do to prevent a hemroids fissure is what you would do to heal it, I'm sure you can agree it's better to avoid it in the have to deal with it after it happens, as after it happens you do the same process but you have to do it with pain.

Dustin Olenslager, Hemorrhoid Researcher
Hemroid Harry's Herbal Remedy

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