Friday, November 21, 2008

Goji ORAC: What Does That Mean To You?

Goji Orac is another name for the goji berry or the wolf berry antioxidant levels. This bright red berry is considered a super fruit because of its high levels of antioxidants and vitamins. This tasty berry has been a staple food for the citizens of China for hundreds of years and has been eaten in many different forms, from cooked to juiced to raw. The level of Goji orac in the fruit make it one of the healthiest foods on earth. This food is now making its way out of China and into the world.

While goji is not yet one of the staples of the American supermarket, its progress can be seen in the states with and more people recognizing the goji orac level. This fruit is beginning to show up in juice form in the health and nutrition areas of stores. In addition to this, pills made from the goji fruit are also showing up in the supplement sections of the stores. Goji berries themselves can be requested and purchased at select grocery stores.

The goji orac level is noted with a score of 25,300. This level is three times higher than black raspberries which have the next highest level of orac content. The goji orac level of 25,300 is achieved with just a 20 gram serving of goji.

As a flavorful berry, these small red fruit often resemble cherry tomatoes except that they have hardened seeds. These seeds are edible though. The berry itself is a result of the pollination of the beautiful goji flower. This beautiful flower blooms at different times in different parts of the world. While the goji berry is a hardy plant and can be grown just about any where, the only commercial growing fields of goji are currently in China.

It should be noted that while the goji berry is considered one of the healthiest fruits to consume, it is always important to check with a doctor before changing one's diet. Your doctor may be able to tell you if something in the fruit may interact with any medication that you may have. With the help of your doctor, you may be able to find a good diet plan for you that just might involve the goji berry and the benefits of the high goji orac score.

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