Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Natural Approach to Remove Acne Permanently

By Hiro Kai

If you desperately want to get rid of acne, you should be aware of the reasons that cause this problem. You must know that the skin in your body work hand in hand with the kidneys, the liver and the colon system to get rid of the toxins that are messing around in your body.

The remains of the toxins that don't get eliminated start damaging organs in your body. This causes the skin pores to get overloaded opening up the entrance to allow the bacteria to do their messy work in your skin.

If this is the case, acne is a signal with zits represented by the body indicating the problem taking place inside. The recommended thing to do if you want to remove acne in a natural manner is to do a total body cleanse.

Acne is usually connected with a very popular problem: constipation. If this is the case, detoxification is an important step in the process of teating acne naturally. There are several indicators as to whether you need a detox or not. It's quite simple to find out. Symptoms like infrequent bowel movements, gaining weight all of a sudden, feeling stressed out and irritated, zits popping out all the time, dull skin are all screaming out that the toxins are still out there!

A basic way to start the process is by drinking plenty of water, adjusting the diet to a vegetarian pattern and doing lots of physical exercises. In addition, you can try special detoxification products created from natural compounds that stimulate the metabolic increase.

Essential oils, herbs and minerals are usually great remedies for treating acne naturally. There are popular cosmetics out there that claim to carry these herbs and mineral extracts. Usually these products end up being a total waste of money since they lack the concentration level of herbs needed to treat severe acne conditions.

Since the required elements for the treatment are not enough to help treat acne, you are better off using the herbs on its own. Another alternative would be to actually look for supplements that carry high concentration of the required elements.

If you want to remove acne naturally, it's recommended you consult a herbalist or an ayurvedic doctor who will assist you in bringing balance to your diet and lifestyle again. A proper diet and healthy lifestyle is all you need to cleanse your body to be acne free again.

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