Friday, July 25, 2008

Cherries, Cherry Juice and Gout - Reduce Your Risk Naturally

By Sable Woods

What's the connection between cherries, cherry juice and gout? Why are cherries and cherry juice so good at relieving gout pain?

Cherries and their juice equivalent have something called anthocyanins, which is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps the body reduce joint and body tissue swelling. Anthocyanins, which are most plentiful in cherries, are a type of flavonoid that's recognized as the best in helping prevent possibilities of a gout attack.

When a gout attack occurs, it damages connective tissues and causes ruptures over other surrounding tissues. Anthocyanins prohibit defective enzymes from replicating themselves numerous times. The flavonoid acts as a shield and defensive agent and helps block the release of any oxidants while inflammation and swelling continues to happen. It then helps renew the damaged tissue and rebuild any lost minerals.

Anthocyanins in cherries and cherry juice also help in lessening the disturbing and infuriating pain produced by gout. Medical professionals confirm that consumption of cherries (fresh or dried) or cherry juice on a daily basis will provide relief and greater tendency of lowering the uric acid levels in the body. Whichever way you take your cherries, the outcome will help reduce the risk of gout attacks.

According to research, gout victims find relief with cherries when medications fail them. They are a great alternative source of inflammation and side effect prevention. Along with a proper diet, taking cherry juice or eating cherries every day is a great factor in reducing major gout issues.

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