Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting Gout Relief - 4 Suggestions For Instant Gout Pain Relief

By Sable Woods

As one of the oldest and most excruciating conditions, gout can certainly put a hamper on the fun in your life. While searching for gout relief ideas, people often discover that the simple ideas are often the most effective. Here are just a handful of ideas to remember the next time you get attacked by gout pain:

- Get instant gout relief with naproxen or ibuprofen.

When suffering from gout in the beginning, the attack will last for about a week if left untreated. One of the ways you can get gout relief from the pain is by taking an ibuprofen pain reliever, like Motrin or Advil (in case you didn't know, ibuprofen will be listed on the bottle as the active ingredient). These types of pain relievers don't just help ease the pain; they also help fight inflammation too.

Also try naproxen drugs like Aleve. However, you'll want to avoid taking aspirin at all, because it'll likely prolong or cause more pain by stopping the elimination out of the body of the uric acid causing the pain in the first place.

- You can try wrapping your joint in ice.

If it's not too painful for you to touch the affected joint, you can numb the pain by placing ice wrapped in a towel against it for a few minutes (if necessary, repeat this). This will not only give you gout pain relief temporarily but will also help reduce the swelling. Keep a cold compress in your freezer ready to use to get immediate relief during any future attacks.

- Soothe your joints with warmth instead.

Some gout victims have said that when they warm the affected joints it helps to relieve the pain and get to sleep. If you want to try this, wrap a warm towel around the affected area.

- Water is the simplest home remedy.

Six to eight glasses a day will help your dilute the uric acid and allow the kidneys to eliminate excess amounts through urine. Alternatively, you can drink fruit juices or herbal tea for gout relief, if the thought of drinking all of that water isn't pleasing to you. But try to get more actual water intake per day than you're currently getting.

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