Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What You Need To Know About Appetite Suppressors

By Therese Zachary

You could be one of the many who could use some appetite suppressors. But are you even convinced that you really need them? What are your appetite suppressant options?

Why Use Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants are just what the term suggests. These are substances, procedures or techniques people use to help curb the appetite or craving for food. People typically need these as part of a comprehensive weight loss program. It is obvious that someone who has a constant craving for food will have a hard time managing or maintaining his ideal weight. Depending on the substance or technique of choice, suppressants can either modify chemical signals or reactions in the body or they can modify food choices and intake to cut appetite.

Suppressant Options

There are many appetite suppressant options. Your doctor could prescribe you with certain medications. It is important to note though that these medicines are usually recommended only for a brief period of time. They are therefore used only to control appetite while a person on a weight loss program is trying to fit into prescribed food choices and eating habits.

Appetite Suppressor Techniques - Aside from the medical option, you could also use techniques that are also appetite suppressors. Some of these techniques include eating slowly, drinking water before a meal, eating salads before a meal and eating small but frequent portions. You can also modify your food choices to contain more vegetables which contain fiber and whole wheat grains which contain complex carbohydrates. By modifying aspects of your diet and habits, you also limit your appetite.

Natural Products - A final option would be to use natural products to stop your appetite. Reputable natural products contain main ingredients that have been traditionally known in many countries as suppressants. In the past, the popular option has been to use products containing Hoodia. The plant however is an endangered and protected one so not every product that says it contains Hoodia really does. A more recent discovery is the Indian plant Caralluma. A reputable product that contains Caralluma has the same appetite suppressing effect as Hoodia products. Caralluma has passed tests for general safety.

Making Your Choice

The Trouble with Appetite - The truth is that it really is difficult to try to curb your appetite. Some individuals can jump from one method to another without truly finding that one method that is completely effective. This is because people are unique individuals and not every effective technique will work on everyone.

Safety - When you do make your choice though, safety should be your main concern. You would want to suppress your appetite in an effective but safe way. Otherwise, you could suffer from side effects or put yourself at risk of experiencing complications. In this case, losing weight would be pointless.

Consulting a Doctor - To assess the safety of an option, you could ask your doctor to extensively discuss each option. You shouldn?t just take your doctor?s word on it though. You should also perform your own research on various appetite suppressors. Always remember that your health and well being are on the line. Make the right choice.

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