Thursday, July 31, 2008

Most Common Gout Medicine Prescriptions To Help Reduce Gout Pain

By Sable Woods

There may be a lot of natural gout remedies that surface, but one of the first things people turn to when trying to cure the inflammation of bodily joints is gout medicine. Proper medications are typically the main solutions of people inflicted with any forms of ailments and the ones suffering from the attacks of gout. There are a lot of medications that concentrate on reducing the high levels of uric acid in the blood.

The two most common gout medicines are corticosteroids and NSAIDs. These help reduce inflammation in the affected joints. NSAIDs are taken by mouth in high dosages. They also aid in prohibiting the spread of prostaglandin, a substance that plays its part in causing you severe pain during a gout flare-up.

If NSAIDs aren't effective for you, then turning to corticosteroids are the next doctor recommendation. Like NSAIDs, these also give instant relief to gout victims. They are injected directly into the inflamed joint to mainly target that area.

But there is a downside to using corticosteroids as your gout medicine. You can't take it daily or during repeat flare-ups, because frequently using this medication will damage the joint and weaken the surrounding bone cartilage.

If both of the above medications fail, then your doctor may recommend that you take colchicines. These can be used once every hour for the first 12 hours of the flare-up. Even though you can experience diarrhea and stomach cramps and an upset stomach as side effects of taking this gout medicine, colchicines have been around for hundreds of years and have proven themselves to be an effective pain reliever.

Gout medicine, like most medications, definitely has its share of side effects. Thus, it is important that you take some time to carefully consider your options. Seeking help from professionals, specialists, and even other gout sufferers with resources will play a salient role in relieving your gout attacks.

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