Sunday, July 6, 2008

Physical Performance and Whey Protein

What is important to know about the impact of Whey Protein for the best physical performance of an Athlete? Whey protein has long been considered the leader among the different type of proteins for serious athletes who are trying to build up lots of muscle tissue. Several studies have confirmed that indeed Whey Protein is the best protein option for this specific purpose. Top athletes need more protein in their diet than a normal active person would ever need. Normal rules do not apply to professional athletes and normal approaches might be insufficient. Often professional athletes consume tow times as much protein of the recommended daily amount to achieve best muscle growth. The type of protein an athlete decides to use will make the difference between succeeding in their goal or failing to build adequate muscle tissue.

What are some reasons that athletes prefer Whey Protein? As you know, Whey protein is a natural protein that contains all of the essential amino acids needed a healthy diet on a daily base. Whey Protein has an ideal combination of amino acids that allows the body to optimize composition and to improve possible athletic performance.

High quality Whey protein helps a professional athlete to maintain a healthy immune system and therefore should be part of any diet plan when it comes to achieve extraordinary fitness results – be it in a competition or just for your personal record. This is caused by the increased levels of glutathione in the body that come with the additional ingestion of Whey Protein. Glutathione is actually an anti-oxidant required for a healthy immune system and provides long-term benefits accordingly. Physical exercise and resistance and endurance training may however reduce glutathione levels (short-term). The ingestion of Whey protein helps keep the glutathione levels high so that an athlete stays healthy and strong to allow for best performance.

It is also confirmed that Whey protein is also a major source of “branched chain amino acids” or BCAAs. Whey Protein contains some of the highest levels of BCAAS known in any natural food source according to scientists. Why are branched chain amino acids really so important? BCAAs are important for athletes because they are metabolized directly into muscle tissue and are the first ones used during longer periods of physical exercise when working out. Whey protein provides the body with BCAAs to rebuild depleted levels and start repairing and rebuilding new muscle tissue.

As you can see, Whey Protein is not just an ordinary protein. It’s role in the diet of a professional athlete is critical and the benefits of Whey Protein should not be underestimated accordingly. Depending on the overall body weight and the type of physical exercise an athlete does, an athlete should consider using either normal Whey protein or Whey Protein Light. Whey Protein Light provides the same benefits as normal Whey Protein, but at a reduced calorie level. Still – to many people do not know about the benefits whey protein has to provide and wrongly mark protein as body builder food.

Author Resource: Read more about Whey Protein at the Whey Protein Report.

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