Friday, July 25, 2008

Natural Cures For Gout Bring Relief Safely & Side Effect-Free

By Sable Woods

Gout can be treated by any doctor. But some people prefer natural cures for gout. One such natural cure is cherries which, if eaten regularly, have been known to regulate the effects of gout and even cure it altogether. To make it easier, you can get cherry juice concentrate, which has the essential vitamins found in cherries.

A charcoal poultice is a natural gout cure used in some parts of the world where cherries aren't as abundant. Charcoal is known as a great remedy for gout and, in poultice form, is especially effective in ridding the body of uric acid toxins. You can easily prepare one by mixing a half cup of powdered charcoal and some spoonfuls of warm water in a blender. Just make sure you add enough water.

You can also create paste with the poultice, then apply it to the afflicted joint and cover it with a warm towel overnight. But be careful when you handle a charcoal poultice: you don't want to get stains on your clothes!

Another use for charcoal as a gout remedy is with a bath. Pour 1/2 a cup of charcoal powder into a bath tub filled with warm water. Then place your joints in it to soak for an hour for a charcoal bath.

Watching what you eat is important in your quest for natural cures for gout. Fruits, most vegetables, and dairy products can help you body defend itself against gout effects. Lots of fluids, especially water, is also known to help fight against gout when it flushes extra uric acid out through the kidneys. And sweetbreads, organ meats, meat extracts, and wild game and fish should be eaten in small quantities due to their high amount of purines, which causes uric acid to painfully crystallize in your joints.

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