Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coral Calcium - Japan Reefs Are Best

By Lee Dobbins

More health products are relying on natural elements for their ingredients such as coral calcium. A vital part of this product comes from the calcium carbonate of coral reefs that are off the southern coast of Japan. Calcium carbonate are the main mineral in these sea reefs and acts as a glue to keep the reefs intact which is why when buying coral calcium, Japan based sources are the best.

Climatic and ecological conditions are the main requirements for the reef to be generated. Under the sea where the temperature is between twenty to thirty degree Celsius, there are more chances that these kind of fully developed reefs exist. These reefs need coral calcium which is provided by the sunlight. Sunlight helps in the survival of the delicate organisms which are a part of required infrastructure. Most of the inhabitants on the reef survive on algae, as it is the basic source of nutrient. So the sunlight becomes more important.

In fact, the coral calcium Japan is famous for comes from a complex ecosystem. The reefs are teeming with life that represent a complicated food chain. The algae and plant life provide food for the herbivorous fish who in turn produce the waste that builds more sections of the reef that the algae grows on.

The living corals that form the giant reefs, are part of a group of marine animals that include hydroids, jellyfish and sea anemones called Cnidaria. Usually symmetrical, with one opening to the digestive tract, coral has a stinger that protects the coral polyp with its venom. Stony coral secretes an outer covering called an exoskeleton which protects the soft structures of the coral polyps.

The coral reefs are home for many species of organisms - some are day dwellers and some are night dwellers but all of these fungi, sponges, worms and fish play a critical part in the eco system of the reef.

Coral calcium comes from coral reefs that are complicated ecosystems teeming with plant and animal life. The complicated synergy within the coral reef plays a vital role in the health benefits that are packed into the coral. The best source of this is Okinawa which is why coral calcium Japan based supplements are typically the most sought after.

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