Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Truth About Appetite Suppression Through Caralluma

By Therese Zachary

Are you planning to lose weight? Then you should learn more about appetite suppression and how it can help you. When one's appetite is held in check, you are better able to pursue your goals of weight management or weight loss. Aside from the many different techniques and medications for appetite control, there is also the option to use the plant Caralluma. What exactly is this plant and how does it suppress appetite?

The Plant

Caralluma fimbriata is the complete name of the plant. It is a succulent plant that belongs to the cactus Asdepiadeceae family. You will easily recognize the plant by its flowers that are purplish red in color and are shaped like five pointed stars. Some of these plants may grow much like other wild plants do without having to be specifically planted or tended. In India it is eaten as a vegetable. It can also be eaten raw mixed with other herbs or spices which is the preferred mode of consumption.

Appetite Control

Appetite Control - Aside from being an edible plant in itself, the plant is also prized for its ability to control appetite. Caralluma has an effect on the release of certain hormones that regulate appetite. The desired effect is a reduction in the desire to consume food. Aside from controlling the appetite, the plant has also been known to have an impact on fat stores. It impedes fat build up thereby forcing the body to use whatever fat is left stored in the body. When used correctly, Caralluma can indeed be the ultimate natural weight management tool.

Plant History

How does it work? You only have to look at the history of the plant to discover its appetite suppression properties. It was often eaten during times of famine or low food supply. The succulent plant served to dampen the appetite when there was nothing else to eat. Aside from being a staple during famines, the plant was also popularly used by hunters in India. The plant?s ability to suppress the appetite was a necessity especially during long and difficult hunts.

Natural Safety

Most people take natural supplements because they feel safer doing so. This is not to say though that all natural supplements, plants or herbs are 100% safe. There are also some herbs that may cause minor side effects. It is also a fact though that many natural plants and herbs are by far safer to take than many non-natural preparations and medications. Caralluma in particular has been proven generally safe for consumption. Studies conducted both in India and in the U.S. have discovered that the plant does not seem to pose any health risks.

Using it Properly

A Vegetable - In the western world Caralluma has never been a staple vegetable. Unless you would like to go to India, harvest your own Caralluma and cook it for dinner, you probably would prefer taking the plant in product supplement form. Always remember though that real weight management involves more than just Caralluma intake. You still have to maintain a regular exercise program and a nutritious diet plan.

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