Saturday, July 26, 2008

Natural Pain Relief - From the Chinese!

By Yolanda Adey

Everyone will suffer pain at some point in their lives and strange as it may sound, some pain is necessary; it's a signal from our brain that something is wrong which we need to address to protect our health and well-being. The pain can be the result of accident, sickness or disease but the point is if you know where the sensation is coming from then it is usually much easier to diagnose and then treat.

The real problem occurs when the pain will not go away despite out best efforts to treat the cause of it.

Many of us have experienced this to a degree when we suffer a headache or a migraine but it also refers to conditions like arthritis and back pain. There is no preventative action you can take to stop chronic pain and it can affect someone at anytime during their life from almost any situation from accident, injury or disease.

Chronic pain often long outlives its original cause, worsening over time and taking on a life of its own and the longer chronic pain goes untreated, the worse it becomes.

Many people are now tired of taking drugs which they tend to need in larger quantities to work or are afraid of the side effects so are looking for natural pain relief alternatives.

One very old practice providing natural pain relief is acupuncture which many people who suffer with chronic illness tend to favor. This method of pain relief has been used successfully in China and the East for many thousands of years.

This is used by people who have tried all the normal traditional medical treatments but have found acupuncture brings the greatest relief from pain. Other people have started using herbal remedies as a natural pain relief treatment because there is little chance of any adverse side effects causing further problems. One example is vitamin E which is a natural pain relief treatment for people suffering with painful scarring.

Some people do not like using these herbal remedies, not because they do not provide enough relief but because they take longer to work; the plus side is that nothing synthetic is entering the system that can harm it. If the truth be known then one way of even having to avoid natural pain relief is to change the way you life by eating healthier which means cutting back on processed foods but increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables.

Take care to get enough sleep each night, and take time out of each day for exercise as even simple activities like taking the stairs at work or a walk around the block go a long way towards improving your health.

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