Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chinese Herbal Medicines Over The Centuries

Chinese medicine has evolved over thousands of years. One major difference between medicine in the east and the west is that the west treats the specific ailment and the east treats the whole body to keep that harmony and balance. Herbal medicine has also been associated with feng shui as together they are said to be the yin and yang in their way. The herbal medicine was central to good health to Lao Szu. The present teachings grew out of the initiative of legendary philosopher Lao Szu who tested and tasted hundreds, if not thousands of herbs.

Over the years many followers took notes of which herb was beneficial, or not. But it began with the words of Lao Tsu. He took superb care of his body and mind, that a determined mastery of the body became as important as to that of the brain. The phrase Feng shui means wind and water. Lao Szu wass revered for his concentrated mind on harmony with that which is around us. Lao Tzu felt the unverse was so enormous we are little. Lao Szu believed that if one can achieve this harmony and balance in our lives we live healthier and longer lives.

Also, we accumulate more wealth, and our families need us less so they feel they can support us more. Taoism or Daoism tells us the earth is created by a force called qi. You pronounce qi as chee. The opposing forces are made up of two elements, the negative force he named yin, and the positive force was yang. Chinese have taken the words of this sixth century BC philosopher Lao Szu to heart, and many believe that the practices are highly eeffective and beneficial to their lives.

It would be quite natural to be healthyif one kept to a healthy diet and excercises, right exercise all making them more likely to maintain good health. Mental and physical energies are required to bring into play the harmony in the self.Taoism believes that there are five important elements to earth, and they were water, earth, metal, fire and wood. All of these five elements need to be in balance and harmony with each other. This is true of a family, a group, a town, even a country.

Some simple examples come to mind with fires in California: one of the basic elements is out of harmony with its environment. Other places along the Mississippi River had had too much water in floods. That is a simplistic version of how our worlds can get out of harmony, all suffer. In contrast if all work well together and help see that the five elements have been placated at much as possible: a new dike higher than the one that broke. Much of Feng Shui deals with how and where objects are placed.

How the correct positions will grant them wealth is laid out in detail, and many books deaelt with how to measure your personal feng shui. To not pay attention to centuries long held views now can be expensive. In 1997 Hong Kong was built the largest airport in the world, and the criticism was immediate. While in the financial difficulties of the time, the new airport took most of the blame. It had been placed wrong and gave all the wrong vibrations. This can be difficult to disprove.

The Communist Government is more than wary of any group that believes in divinity. Communist belief fits with the need to have worker keep their efforts heroic. Modern China prefers the teaching of Confucious, who also did not believe in an afterlife, and that ones purpose if to serve the state to the best of the abilities one was given. In contrast Lao Szu believed that by living right and daring for your self and helpful to others; and being noble one gets a reward in nirvana, or heaven.

Whatever Chinese antiques shop thinking, there are more and more modern young Chinese learning to think for themselves, and turn to modern medicines. The system is handling it fine, prospects seem glorious.

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