Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hawaii Noni Juice: Proper Processing Counts!

The Hawaii Noni plant originated from the South Sea Islands of Polynesia. It varies in height from 2 to 6 meters. There are several varieties, which can be differentiated by the shape of their leaves. Some Hawaii Noni plants will have long leaves and others are short and rounded. The fruits are white when ripe and look like a large raspberry in shape. They can be 3 to 10 centimeters wide and as much as 20 centimeters long.

The actual Hawaii Noni plants were introduced to the islands by the first settlers who came to these islands many years ago. They brought them to their new home land because the fruits, leaves and bark of the Hawaii Noni plants are highly prized as medicines for many ailments in the South Sea Islands. Many of these theories have since been verified by modern research.

Hawaii Noni plants have adapted well to their new home. They can be found in sandy soil and also fertile volcanic soil, around the Hawaiian Islands. In fact they grew so well that a large industry has grown up around them. Hawaii Noni products have become amazingly popular as more and more people are enjoying the benefits of using the fruit products in their daily diet. It comes in easy to use capsules, dried powder or juice.

Because the juice of the Hawaii Noni is not pleasant to drink alone, it is often mixed with fruit juices. Sometimes suppliers can cheat you when they add these other juices. They will try to sell you Hawaii Noni juice that has very little of the actual product and more of the cheaper juices. Try to check the label on the bottle to ascertain exactly what you are getting. Hawaii Noni can be obtained in powdered form, which you can add to your own juice, so that you know you are getting the pure form of Hawaii Noni.

It is important to use Hawaii Noni Juice that is 100% pure, naturally processed, has no preservatives and is actually grown in Hawaii. The volcanic rich soil and tropical climate greatly enrich the quality of the Noni Juice. You do not want Noni Juice with preservatives or other added juices, because you loose the full benefit of the product. Why would you buy an inferior juice for the same cost as the product that is 100% juice? Not much of anyone would!

Your Hawaii Noni Juice should also be naturally extracted from the Noni fruit. If there are chemicals used anywhere along the manufacturing process, your body will be contaminated with them when you drink the juice. You certainly don't want to hamper your body's functions when drinking a health juice!

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