Monday, December 1, 2008

Holistic Healing and Magnetic Therapy Solutions

Magnetic therapy is part of a very large number of therapeutic offerings. These are sometimes referred to as holistic healing options. That is to say, because magnet therapy has never been accepted by the medical community (primarily because further studies are needed to show if, how and why magnets may help alleviate chronic pain) magnetic therapy will always be looked at as holistic healing.

This does not mean that magnets do not help or will not holistically heal those that suffer from chronic pain. Some studies have shown there may be some benefits to magnetic therapy such as a loss of swelling in some patients as well as pain relief in patients with fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain issues.

Some magnet pain therapy enthusiasts will use magnets for back problems and will buy magnetic therapy chairs, mattress pads and back support belts. The holistic nature of magnetic therapy means you may find this is exactly what you have been looking for to ease your chronic pain; however the studies are not conclusive so there is really no way to support magnetic therapy in any way beyond holistic healing and alternative medicine.

Holistic is referred to as pertaining to the whole body. This means that if magnet therapy and magnetic therapy solutions are seen as holistic healing remedies, then they are also seen as whole body treatments. Holistic healing is further defined as the treatment of disease by taking into consideration every part of the body to bring the internal environment into balance.

When we look at magnet therapy and holistic healing from this light, we find that pain therapy via magnetic products are seen as helping to bring the body into balance and focusing efforts on the entirety of the body, and not just one small part. Remember too that holistic healing then must also include preventive measures taken before the pain occurs or is likely to occur.

So we can now look at holistic healing as a preventive type of medicine as well as something that attempts to focus on the entire body instead of just one aspect.

For instance, if you injure yourself and use the magnets immediately, this may prevent further pain later down the road. Or if you use a magnetic mattress to sleep on every night, this may in some way increase circulation, prevent swelling or something else altogether that is aiding and helping in your everyday health and mobility. I say this may increase circulation or prevent swelling because further studies are needed to fully understand the benefits of magnet therapy and magnetic therapy solutions.

It is important to point out once again that in no way is magnet therapy proven to "cure" or "heal" in the traditional sense of the word as it is applied in Western medicine. However, it is possible that holistic healing, as it is sometimes called and which we see as an allover body healing with preventive attributes, makes it is possible to say that magnet therapy may heal in a purely holistic sense.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether magnet therapy is right for them and whether they make it part of their holistic healing process. This is because the use of magnets is seen today as a holistic healing option which may, in conjunction with other pain therapies, help to prevent and alleviate chronic pain or swelling.

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