Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Glyconutrition: Are You Feeding Your Cells?

The effect of glyconutrients on our health and well being is called Glyconutrition. Glyconutrition supports cells and their processes by providing the eight essential sugars necessary for normal cell function and the pathway to optimal health. Glyconutrition focuses on the formation of essential compounds called glycoproteins which are sugar molecules that are connected to protein molecules in the body.

Glyconutrients coat your body's cells, enabling them to communicate. When you cells are able to communicate, your body has the ability to repair and defend itself.

The human body is an amazing creation; it has the ability to defend against, grow, and adjust to its circumstances. The body can produce glyconutrients, but it is an exhausting process that will wear you down if it is a continual process. The body has to have an optimal diet, lifestyle and exercise; all three conditions are basically unachievable in our modern cultures. Even if the body is able to produce some Glyconutrients, they are not high enough in nutrition nor are they complete. Glyconutrition addresses the benefits of providing the body with enough nutrients so that it does not have to perform this process every day.

A diet that provides the body with enough Glyconutrition allows the body to save energy it would expend creating glyconutrients for a backup reserve instead of for providing the primary source of fuel for the body. The result of proper Glyconutrition is better health due to improved cellular communication which is essential for optimal health. The body is now able to focus on repair work, growth and defending itself against foreign invaders.

Glyconutrition would be simple if our food supply had not of changed so much over the last few years. Fruits and vegetables are not allowed to ripen on the vine, due to modern green harvesting techniques. Therefore, they don't hold anymore nutritional value than fast food. This robs even a "healthy diet" of all the nutrients that it needs and few of us eat a healthy diet to begin with. Supplements are available that provide adequate Glyconutrition; like goji juice is also rich in glyconutrients.

Adding a supplement to your diet can assure you that your needs are met each day. The results of proper nutrition can be dramatic. Vitality and a zest for life are possible when the body is functioning optimally and this can be achieved by paying attention to this great tool for health called Glyconutrition!

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