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Natural Cures For Nail Fungus

By Jennifer King

Have you always found your nail fungus to be an embarrassment? Have you ever thought you could treat it on your own? You don't have to use prescription anti fingal drugs from your doctro if you don't want to. You will however need to pay your doctor a visit for a proper diagnosis

Nail ringworm has never been found to be critical to anyone's health, but is known to be an annoying problem for quite a few people. Its beginning can be as non-conspicuous as a tiny line on your toe. This may soon transmit to other toes, and then become a larger problem. Prescription treatments can be hazardous, costly, and you need to take them orally for up to a year.

Here a selection of easy to follow natural remedies for your nail fungus:

You can soak your infected nails for approximately quarter of an hour every day in tepid water and equal amounts of apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar aids in restoring the natural PH balance to the skin. This makes your nails more resistant to fungal infections. After you have soaked your nails for 15 minutes make sure to dry the whole area of the infection completely. Use your blow dryer (on low heat), if necessary. Drying the infected area out completely will prevent any moisture to remain between your toes, and keep nail the fungus at bay. Moisture is one of the main reasons for the occurrence of nail fungus.

Tea tree oil is readily available at health food stores. Use a swab to put some on and underneath the edge of the infected nail. Use small amount of tea tree oil as you can on each nail as it is very powerful and if it touches your skin, there is a chance that your skin can peel off. Be very careful not to let it touch your skin every time you use it. If your goal is to achieve fungus free nails then this is a great treatment.

Lapacha tea is yet another home cure that is easily found in any health food store. It's as simple as making the tea and then bathing the affected nails. If you do this twice a day your infection will clear.

There are some other moderate substances that can treat nail fungus, such as Vicks Vaporub, oil of oregano and olive leaf extract. Using something more oily will kill the fungus head on and protects the area completely.

Be consistent with any of these home cures till your nail ringworm has gone. Nail ringworm commonly roots itself deep in your nail bed, and that's why it's important to be consistent with the home remedy you have opted for until your nail grows out, and aids in the nail ringworm going completely.

Preventing your nail fungus from appearing in the first place is far better than curing yourself every time you're infected

Change your socks often as your socks can also invite nail ringworm to reside under your nails. Wash your socks on the hottest temperature that the socks will allow so none of the infecting fungus lives. Also clean your socks with a detergent that has the least amount of fragrances and chemicals in as possible. These can throw out your skins natural PH balance, and this puts it in favor of the ringworm.

It is imperative to air your feet as often as possible. The nail ringworm loves feet that are warm and moist. Letting them breath stops the fungus from infecting you.

Wearing relaxed fitting shoes will help prevent moisture from appearing. Tight footwear creates a moister, warmer foot that the fungus loves. Take your shoes off any occasion you can to aid in the air circulation of your feet.

Remember to purchase new shoes once you have cured your nail fungus. The last thing you need is any surviving fungus to start the infection again.

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