Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cholesterol Blood Test - Finding Your Correct Cholesterol Level

By Adrian Fletcher

Next time you get a check up from your doctor, ask about getting a cholesterol blood test. This can tell you how much cholesterol is in your blood and will indicate if you have to make some lifestyle changes. This test is just one of several that are done on a regular basis. There is a battery of tests that is done regularly on every patient once he or she reaches a certain age.

After the results of your cholesterol blood test have been reviewed by a doctor, you in turn will be notified as to what actions you may need to take, if any, in order to lower your cholesterol levels. You may be fortunate enough that your current diet or lifestyle is keeping your cholesterol level low; however if a change is needed, medication in conjunction with a new diet and exercise may be the way forward to lowering your cholesterol.

Changing your diet can have a large, positive impact on your goal to lower your levels of cholesterol. In order to regulate your cholesterol levels, it is imperative that you eat the right foods that will help bring it under your control. Creating a diet plan with the assistance of a dietitian will allow you to lower your cholesterol without you having to forsake your favorite foods. Inmost cases you can simply alter the ingredients.

If you are attempting to lower your cholesterol, there are many tasty foods available to you, and many different ways you can prepare them to maximize their nutritional value; finding healthy ways to eat the foods you love the most will help you stick to your diet and will help you get the best results.

You can get asy access to plenty of information on ways of lowering cholesterol. You will discover that there are actually plenty of beneficial, healthy and delicious foods and many cook books geared to reducing cholesterol. They will not only recommend certain ingredients but also methods of preparing the food. It will not be difficult to become comfortable with the diverse foods and preparation techniques once you become accustomed to them being a part of your daily life.

Your family's cooperation and support with your heart healthy cholesterol lowering diet will be paramount in your success. With their cooperation you will be able to clean your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer and replace all the foods that have contributed to high cholesterol with new, delicious, heart healthy choices. The changes you make could well have benefits for your family too if they eat some of the meals you prepare.

Within a few months of implementing your new habits, your health care provider will want you to have a new cholesterol blood test. A regular cholesterol blood test is the best way to ensure that your new habits are having the desired effect of lowering your cholesterol levels; if you are not making sufficient progress, you might need to make some additional changes. In addition to the test results, the way you feel will also indicate that you are moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

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