Friday, December 26, 2008

Nutritional Benefits of Probiotics

Healthy adults around the globe can benefit from adding probiotic supplements to their diet. One major population that can gain health-related rewards from this practice are senior citizens. Many senior citizens must maintain regimens of prescription medication. This practice, along with a poor diet or simple stress, can weaken the body's natural immunities. A probiotic supplement can help strengthen the body naturally.

Probiotics function as friendly bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. They have been reported to assist in numerous common ailments. The helpful microorganisms reside in the tract as a barrier against other harmful bacteria and pathogens that can cause a variety of illnesses. This is a natural process overall. Scientists report that there are over 400 of these microorganisms living in a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

The friendly bacteria stimulate the body's production of necessary digestive enzymes. This improves the overall digestive system. They help the body to produce a variety of B vitamins as well as give the body vitamin K. They also offer a boost of antioxidants to strengthen the immune system.

Probiotic bacteria can be taken in many forms today. It is available in the grocery store in many dairy products. Yogurt and cheeses offer the highest levels because the bacteria are often used in processing milk into dairy products. They may also be found in some varieties of pickles and fruit juice.

Probiotic supplements are also available in a variety of forms at your nearest health and nutrition store. They are available in powders, tablets, capsules and in granulated form. All are taken orally and may be mixed with food.

These helpful organisms have been shown to decrease allergic reactions in patients who have lactose intolerance or hay fever. Some individuals with skin conditions such as eczema have reported some relief after developing their own regular regimen.

Our bodies are constantly changing. These changes may greatly decrease the body's natural defenses. Antibiotics are often necessary in our body's fight against infection. This also means that the antibodies will target both good and bad bacteria. You may be more susceptible to contracting illness once your round of antibiotics has stopped.

Stress is often a major factor in weakening our bodies. Senior citizens may experience greater amounts due to the changes in life and their environments. A probiotic regimen may help alleviate these issues and prevent many common illnesses with regular use.

Poor diet is another major factor in the loss of helpful bacteria. Carbonated beverages are common in our diets and may deplete the levels normal in the human body. They may also diminish your body's probiotic levels. Other contributing factors that will lessen your body's natural defenses include:

* Depression/Anxiety

* Non-organic foods

* Excessive sugars or fats in diet

* Influenza or stomach flu

* Urinary tract infections

* Yeast infections

These friendly bacteria will have a wonderful impact on those who incorporate a probiotic routine into their daily diet. Your physician will provide detailed information based upon your current state of health.

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