Monday, December 29, 2008

Fish Oil that's Good for Heart Health and Research

By Michael Byrd

Fish oil for heart health is an interesting topic. And there is a good reason for this.

Almost all newspapers or magazines have their own research news on the amazing health benefits of fish oil for heart health. Doctors, nutritionist, trainers and exercise buffs highly recommend it. And just recently, my vet recommended fish oil capsules for the heart health of Phytho, my choco lab.

Certainly most people may have heard of the wonderful cardiovascular health benefits of omega 3 fish oil, however not many know the exciting scientific studies which proves the results behind the fish oil for heart health craze.

A report that was published in Circulation, an official journal of the American Heart Association, provided an extensive detail of how omega 3 fatty acids from fish enhances circulation and why fish oil is effective for the health of your heart and cardiovascular system in several ways.

The study showed that fish oil fatty acids can help in decreasing cholesterol, avoid irregular heartbeat and reduce blood clots. It also lowers blood pressure and triglycerides and balances HDL and LDL, loosens the arterial walls and inhibits the development of new plaque and inflammation, vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation and a lot more. [Vol. 106:2747]

Remarkable! How some scientists have even suggested that a depressed person can get help from omega 3 fish oil. It is good for the broken hearted.

A group of doctors published a study in the Journal of American Medical Association on all the positive effects that increase fish oil consumption can do on lowering a man's risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Nevertheless, because more women die of heart disease than any other cause, the scientist also wanted to discover if fish oil can provide the same health benefits for women as it can for men.

84,688 women were followed for 16 years and the doctors came to the conclusion that those who consumed 5 or more servings of fish a week had lesser chances of CHD or dying from a heart attack, compared to those who consumed less fish. [Vol. 287, No. 14]

In my own point of view, this makes it clear that fish oil for heart health is essential. But it may be interesting to know how much is needed? Recommendations usually suggest 5 or more servings of oily, cold water fish a week. It can greatly help enhance your heart health, but sometimes it may fall short. Studies however recommend that 1 to 3 grams of fish oil daily is enough for a healthy cardiovascular system.

A definite way to get this amount is from supplementing your diet with pure omega 3 fish oil capsules which can provide you a balance of all eight naturally occurring omega 3 fatty acids.

So that is the reason why everyone recommends fish oil for heart health. Would you want to do something about your health now? It actually won't get you into too much trouble to improve your health and believe me it is worthwhile. You will definitely find it nice to have a pain free, happy, healthy life when you grow old.

Of course it is! And it may start this moment, if you take action and follow this advice.

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