Saturday, December 6, 2008

Six Home Remedies To Used To Keep Your Diabetes Under Control

By Terry Stanfield

You need understand that no one has a definite cure for diabetes mellitus. This disease last for the remainder of your life. Once you understand how your sugar level works you have an opportunity to live a normal life. Remember though you need to frequently check your level so you can keep your diabetes under control.

There are home remedies for diabetes but you have to do some research to find out what they are for yourself. Diabetes mellitus is a tricky thing to keep an eye on sometimes, one change in your sugar level and you will end up sick instantly. Having natural remedies available can help you control diabetes. These are a few remedies to lower your sugar level back to normal.

Having a bitter melon such as karela can be made daily into a dish called ghee. It will help stabilize your blood level without turning to insulin which is a convenient way to control diabetes on your own.

By soaking dark almost black raisins in some water overnight and then strain the raisins, you can drink the water and it is one of the most common home remedies for diabetes. You should use this in your daily routine when you are eating breakfast before work.

If you have access to an Indian gooseberry, you can take the gooseberry and soak it also in water and let it sit for a couple hours and then come back to it and remove the gooseberry. Just add a squeeze of some fresh lemon juice and you have a refreshing drink that will help remove any excess sugar in your blood stream.

By squeezing the juice out of a mango and an Indian plum in separate containers you can make sure that the amounts are the same before mixing them together. You will need to drink this mixture twice a day throughout a month's time so you can make sure that your blood sugar is regulated.

Buy green peel bananas, extract them out of the peel and cube them, then dry them in the sun to get all the moisture out of them so they can be grinded up to powder. Once the banana have been turned into powder you will need to place a teaspoonful of the powder and mix it in a glass of milk and drink on up.

Take ten curry leaves that are mature and are fresh and wash them. You can eat them raw and you will need to do this for at least three months for the curry leaves to help you with your sugar level.

It is handy to have a health food store in your neighborhood so you are able to find some of the unique ingredients to help control your diabetes mellitus. You can only life your life once so why not take some precautions that may save your life. Just remember you need to include healthy eating habits and an exercising program in with the home remedies.

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