Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Asthma Treatment From China

By Ellen Mathers

When seasons change my wife is sure to get very sick. What I call prescription drug sick. She says she feels like a one man (woman) manufacturing plant for post nasal drip. She complains that her eyes are red and burn. She looks like a reject from "Night of the Living Dead" and feels like it too. I should know because I too had asthma and allergies but grew out of them before college. Fortunately for her, Great husband that I am, have found her the ultimate solution.

I grew up in rural America on a farm. My allergies were horrible. They just seemed to diminish as I grew older. I was impressed that I did not have to deal with sneezing and coughing I couldn't see straight. I felt as if I was free at last. My wife isn't as fortunate as me.

Could you see yourself in the same situation doing whatever you could to get a natural allergy relief? My better half spends most of her days in a medicated state taking over the counter cure-alls for her chronic allergies. I should buy stock in Kleenex. How can this be good! I know, even without asking, that she would do just about anything to get better.

I got really pumped up when I met a lady while getting a massage, a gift from my wife for our anniversary. I was delighted to learn that acupuncture might provide the relief my wife was looking for.

She swears up and down that it's the absolute best of allergy cures. Once she began this natural allergy treatment, her runny nose and sneezing ceased. This is awesome. You've got to give it up for the Asian medicine that's been around forever, and yet it works better than some we westerners use today. Now my wife wants to have acupuncture done on her regarding allergies.

Also my therapist told me that she took back her life after just a few allergy treatments. She could go to outside events like baseball games and concerts.

As you've probably seen already, acupuncture treatment consists of a professional placing hair-like needle into different meridians of your body. This in turn creates a balance. Blood circulation and chi flow are involved.

So, maybe you've tried 20 different "allergy cures," and they all failed you so far. Okay, now what? Just maybe acupuncture is the answer to your allergy relief. This especially goes for the folks, who are allergic to a number of different things. Get tested for your allergies if you don't already know where they stem from. This can assist you with proper allergy cures.

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