Sunday, August 10, 2008

The real deal about Goji berries and Goji Juice

By Rebecca Cooper

We are often told that it is important to include foods that are high in antioxidants into our daily diets. However, this is often difficult as these foods are often hard to find and sometimes taste pretty bad. One source that is very high in these antioxidants are goji berries. But unlike a lot of other foods, goji berries are actually very nice as well as being so nutritious.

Goji Berries on the other hand are so versatile as a food. You can make Goji Berry hot Cross Buns, Goji Berry and carrot cake, throw a few into a trail mix, brewed in a pot of hot water to make tea or just eat then straight out of the packet and so much more just take a look at the recipes available.

When you take into consideration all these different methods of eating goji berries, it is hardly surprising just how popular Goji berries are starting to become all around the world.

Goji Berries are grown far up in the Himalayan Mountains and are grown on the border of China and Tibet.

You must be careful about where you get your Goji berries from. Some of the cheaper goji berries are grown in lowland areas of China where the air is polluted and they use lots of pesticides. It is better to make sure you get your goji berries from Tibet or make sure they are organic.

I originally tried getting my goji berries from local shops, but I now get everything online. It is much easier to find the Tibetan and Organic Goji berries from online websites (and this is really what you are looking for).

Goji Berry berries also come in 2 types of mediums one being a hard and dried Goji berry and then there is the soft Goji berry. There is no known difference between the effects on the potency of the Goji berry in which ever form, its all down to personal preference and intended use.

You can also get Goji Juice as well as the berries themselves. Goji juice and drinks come in many forms, some mixed with other juices and some just 100% pure. However, it is not yet known how much of the nutrients are lost in the process of juicing.

Goji berries are often referred to as a "superfood" along with other popular products such as mangosteen, acai berries and linseed (flax seed). But make sure that you are not mislead by the aggressive marketing that is sometimes used in this superfood market.

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