Monday, August 25, 2008

Back Pain Caused By Allergies

By Max Beartoes

There are many ways that back problems can occur. One of the most difficult to deal with is back pain caused by an allergy. This problem is more common than we would think. Take your back problems serious because if you do not treat it, your back problems can become severe.

Try To Find The Cause

A person dealing with back pain, should take the most important step of finding out what allergies is causing the reaction. There are several different allergies that a person can have but springtime seems to be the worst time of year to get them. Have a doctor do several tests on you to determine exactly what you are allergic to.

You could have any of these allergies plus food allergies:

House dust, house dust mites, animal dander, yeasts, bee/wasp stings, and certain drugs and foods can also cause allergic reactions. Eggs, milk, shellfish, nuts, dried fruits, and certain food dyes can cause food allergies.

Lower Back Pain And How To Deal With It

What is going to happen next is that there are steps that need to be taken to tell what is the best treatment for the person who has the intolerance to the allergens. There are some very effective options, but it will depend if the back pain is acute or chronic.

What happens with sudden acute low back pain, is it comes on all of a sudden and you don't know where it came from. Chronic lower back pain is the recurring type and can last for a couple months to even longer in some cases.

The first step in the treatment plan is usually drugs. Prescription and non-prescription drugs are available for people who have allergies that cause back pain. What drug to take for your back pain will depend on how serious and how long a person has had the back pain.

Commonly used drugs to help back pain are: Advil and NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Now when you get to the prescription drugs there are risks in taking some of them. You can have possible side effects, drug interactions with other medications you may be taking, so be careful.

Always read the labels of the medication you are taking even the ones prescribed by a doctor. This will ensure that you have as little cause for an allergic reaction as possible.

Don't forget there are always supplements and vitamins to have better nutrition. A good diet is also important.

It is important to know that there are treatments out there for people who are suffering from back pain caused by allergies. Talking to your doctor and help you to get the right treatment for your particular back pain before it gets worse. If you take care of yourself, you will help to alleviate your back pain from becoming permanent.

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