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Facts about Gynecomastia

By Caleb Lee


It is a medical problem particular to men which results in excess growth of breast, similar to women. The term gynecomastia comes from words of Greek origin ?gyne? and ?mastos? which mean ?woman? and ?breast? respectively. It is the medical term for commonly known ?man boobs?. Some males may develop pseudo-gynecomastia due to excess fat on their body or their being overweight or excess workouts.

Its occurrence

Men of various age groups suffer from this disease. Due to unnatural share of mother hormone in male, the infants can suffer from it. For hormonal alterations at puberty, adolescents may also suffer from it. This is seen in aged people as well, though it occurs more among adolescents.

Reasons for Gynecomastia

Although exact root cause of this is not knon, it is believed to be genetically oriented. The more common cause of it is unbalanced sex hormones like estrogens and testosterone. Other reasons can be use of drugs or steroids or certain medication too.


The main symptom is unnatural development of chest muscle in men, looking like women breasts. In few cases, the development may also cause tenderness of the chest tissues. It is generally painless. However, the severity is judged by the magnitude of extra fat.

Gynecomastia: General Problems

The condition of gynecomastia is not as painful as it is embarrassing. Thus, the problems faced by patients are psychological and social, not physical. The patients feel lack of confidence in social environment. It is more difficult for teenagers who get laughed at by peers and friends.

Gynecomastia: The Diagnosis

Gynecomastia can be diagnosed by performing certain medical tests and physical examination by a doctor. Blood tests and urine tests can mostly confirm existence of this disease. A mammogram can also help do so. It is advisable to consult a endocrinologist i.e. a specialist in hormonal disorder treatments for better results.

Treatment and Cure

In newborns and teenagers, this hormonal disorder gets cured naturally within a couple of years. They do not require any external treatment. Proper chest fat burner exercises and proper diet can also reduce chest fats.

However, for those who need external medication there are gynecomastia supplements like Ultimate gynemax and gynexin alpha formula. Difference after usage is usually evidently noticeable in 2-3 weeks without any side effects. Although there are no harmful effects of these chest fat burners, it is important to make sure that you buy them from reliable sources so you do fall for fake gynexin.

One can also opt for direct operation instead of using these supplements. The surgery generally operates by reducing the excessive tissues on the chest. There are two types of operations ? (i) Lipectomy suction and (ii) Endoscopy. Though these surgeries generally persist not more than few hours, but it does not become painless. Moreover it can leave visible marks on chest.

Associated diseases

Gynecomastia may not be harmful but in some cases it appears as a symptom for other diseases like breast cancer, adrenal gland tumours, liver diseases, and cancer related to lungs or male organs. In such cases, gynecomastia can be cured only by curing related diseases. Thus you must consult your physician in order to eliminate these possibilities.

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