Saturday, August 9, 2008

How To Elude Hyperglycemia Through A Diabetic Diet

By Delynda Lardone

The most important things diabetics must do on a daily basis are to keep an eye on their blood sugar level. They must ensure their blood sugar level is within their target range and remains steady. If a diabetic does not monitor their diabetic diet carefully enough, they can wind up eating the wrong kind of foods which can leave them with very high sugar levels.

If the diabetic lets her blood sugar levels get too high over an extended period of time, she can wind up developing what doctors call hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia can cause some very serious health problems, but this condition can be easily avoided by learning just what causes this condition so these causes can be avoided.

The definition of hyperglycemia is a simply an individual that has an excessive amount of sugar in their blood stream. This can happens when diabetics eat too much of the wrong foods. With type 1 diabetics, they can get this because their bodies can not produce the insulin needed in order to process the sugar. With type 2 diabetics, they can get this because their bodies do not respond properly to the sugar being consumed.

Sugar is processed by our bodies in a straightforward fashion. The sugar enters our bodies from the foods that we eat. Once the sugar is inside our bodies, the pancreas starts producing the insulin needed which helps carry the sugar into the cells. Once inside the cells, it is turned into energy which is used by our bodies.

This sugar-to-energy process happens in everyone's body, except in diabetics it has a slight twist. Their bodies either do not create enough insulin or create none at all, and thus the sugar starts building up in their blood stream. If too much sugar starts building up in their blood stream, they can get hyperglycemia.

When people let the extra sugar keep building up in their blood stream, it can lead to some dangerous health consequences. It will first start breaking down their blood vessels and will eventually be carried from the blood to their other vital organs, heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves.

Hyperglycemia does not turn up right away and the results can only be seen in the long term. This is why you will not see this condition in children and teenagers. It will, however, start to show up in older adults if they have never managed to stay on a nourishing diabetic diet.

Hyperglycemia is a serious condition that diabetics should start to consider when they are maintaining a diabetic diet. Straying from a diabetic diet and eating the wrong foods can cause some very health serious problems that deal with their heart, kidneys, nerves, and eyes. Although children and teens can not get this, diabetics need to start monitoring what they eat so they do not get it when they are older.

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