Sunday, August 10, 2008

High Blood Pressure - What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You

By Christian Goodman

Today, I beg you to let go of prejudgments and propaganda produced by the traditional health business and apply your common sense. That's the one thing that never lies.

What do I mean by that?

The answer is simple. If you read any official health site, what's the first and main point they try to pressure?

They try to convince you, the only effective method to deal with hypertension is using prescription drugs. Other things, like exercising and changing diet, may be dealt with in a paragraph or two. But the main focus is on the important of medications.

And like it wasn't enough to be put on medication. They also claim, you'll have to be on these medication ( and suffer all the side effects) for the rest of your life.

And what do they claim to be the cause for hypertension?

No1 ... They don't know

No2 ... Genetic reasons

No3 ... Relationships with other diseases

And if you forgot. Their treatment again...

Drugs, Medications, and again DRUGS!

Even if the doctors "treating" hypertension admit, they most often don't have any idea what really causes this condition, they refuse to look at any other method than drugs.

But you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what really causes hypertension.

Here it comes... You've probably often experienced your blood pressure ski-rock. And I bet you, whatever you were dealing with at that time was very stressful. Wasn't it?

When your body raises your blood pressure, it's actually doing exactly what it should be doing. You see, in a stressful situations, your body jumps into an "Emergency" flight or fight mood.

This is an essential mechanism to deal with dangerous situation. This is the mechanism our forefathers depended on to run away from or fight predators. When you go into the flight or fight mood, your blood pressure rises and your muscles get tense.

Think about how different the modern world is from the world of our forefathers. We're surrounded by predators every day, without really knowing if we're in danger or not. There are literally thousands of people walking around us, we don't know. Maybe murderous or something worse.

We have the internal pressure of reaching "a life standard". And the dread of not being able to fulfill it. Money dread is probably the biggest stress factor in the modern world and most likely kills more people than any other thing.

I only take "life standard dread" as an example. Any pressure you're stressed about, raises your blood pressure. These nagging worries just won't let us alone.

So what is the solution? You can't change the world but you can give your body and mind a focused brake!

And it's actually quite easy. Giving your mind a few minutes focused brake is all it needs to recover. Your blood pressure drops drastically during these few minutes and stays down for a long time afterwards. You'll feel relax and happy.

The best part is how quickly this works. Even people suffering from hyper high blood pressure are usually off medications and back to normal pressure within a week of working my exercises.

You can do the same.

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