Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Importance Of Vitamin D

By Alison Addy

Versatility of Vitamin D

If you've ever gone to nutritional store and browsed through the vitamin section of your grocery store, you've seen hundreds of different vitamin supplements. Vitamin D is probably one of the most popular vitamin supplements on the market today. One reason is that Vitamin D provides us with many important and valuable benefits for a healthy life. Another reason is that most people prefer to take a Vitamin D supplement rather than the natural form of the vitamin. This is because with the exception of milk, some of the food sources for Vitamin D may be difficult to cook.

Food Source of Vitamin D

There are many different food sources of Vitamin D. Most of the food sources for Vitamin D are found in fish live oils or fish such as catfish, mackerel, salmon, tuna, sardines and eel. Although fish is a popular food for many people, some of these sources are not foods that we keep in our kitchen on a regular basis. In addition, some of these fish are quite expensive when served in a restaurant. Some other foods that we consume on a daily basis are yogurt, margarine, milk, bread, pastries and oil spreads are enriched with Vitamin D. While they aren't as high in Vitamin D as the fish are, many individuals consume them regularly and still choose to take a Vitamin D supplement.

Cod Liver Oil As An Important Vitamin D Supplement

Cod liver oil has been sold in supermarkets for years and is actually popular considering how nasty it can taste to many people. For those that are looking for a natural supplement of Vitamin D, cod liver oil is an excellent choice. One tablespoon of cod liver oil provides you with 1,360 IU of Vitamin D. Lucky for many, there is a gel form of a pill for cod liver oil that is much easier to swallow than a tablespoon of the liquid. If you feel that you may be Vitamin D deficient, this pill may be the easiest and best choice for you.

The Purpose of Vitamin D

As with all vitamins, they all have their own purpose for our body. The purpose of Vitamin D is to promote that necessary ingredient, calcium, in our body. Calcium is a necessity because it is what gives up strong bones. Although many people feel that Vitamin D and calcium is needed when we are young and growing, the truth is that we need it all of our lives, especially as we get older. Elderly and postmenopausal women need supplements of

Vitamin D if they are not getting enough in their daily diets. At this stage in their lives, their bodies do not produce enough calcium on their own, which can lead to osteoporosis, a crippling disease caused by weakened bone mass. It is vital that this group of individuals get the correct amount of Vitamin D.

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