Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Curing Panic Attacks when you're pregnant

By Millicent Feraux

When women are pregnant, they often find themselves not only dealing with their pregnancy but also with anxiety and panic. There is a reason for this happening.

During pregnancy, the hormones in a pregnant woman's body are all working overtime. It is these hormone changes which often cause the panic and anxiety. It is during pregnancy that every part of the woman's body is involved and working differently than normal.

Pregnancy is a naturally stressful time for many women, particularly where the pregnancy is unexpected or unplanned, or where there are health concerns surrounding the pregnancy. When combined with these hormonal changes, pregnancy becomes a common time for panic and worry.

When I was pregnant, I seemed to be most worried about what was going to happen during the birth process and I was also worried about being a good mother. I was lucky as my extra anxiety and panic was considered by my doctor as being normal.

Anxiety and panic attacks are more common in the last months of pregnancy. Some women find however that if they had attacks before pregnancy that they lessen while they are pregnant. No one knows why this occurs. They think it is due to the fluctuating hormones.

If you find you are one of the women to have anxiety and panic attacks while pregnant there are things you can do to help stop them from happening. Medications can be harmful to your developing baby. One of these natural methods of treatment will be more suited for you.

* Relax - your baby and your health come first. Take time out from your day and find somewhere peaceful to rest. Forget the stresses in your life and focus on thoughts you find soothing.

* Relaxation - When you feel yourself getting stressed or anxious, you need to relax. Lie down in a place you think is quiet and cool and try to just relax. You should try to forget about the anxiety or worrying about other things - concentrate only on relaxing. You will find that once you totally relax that the feeling of stress and anxiety can go away.

* Breathe deeply - you will be surprised by how effective focused breathing can be. Try lying down and breathing deeply. Breathe in through your nose; blow out through your mouth. Take your time and keep breathing deeply and slowly until you feel better.

If you suffer repeated panic or anxiety attacks it is important that you seek aid. You are not the first person to be in this position and there are many services standing by to help you promote the health of yourself and your baby.

Men can have anxiety and panic attacks during your pregnancy too. They are about to become a father and that can be scary to them. They may be worried how they will be able to afford a new baby. They may have worries about taking care of the baby.

Men are notorious for not admitting when they are bothered about anything. And it is these un-admitted fears that can lead to anxiety and panic.

If you notice your husband or partner being more anxious or having panic attacks, try talking to him. This should be an enjoyable time for both of you, so help him to deal with his feelings or to get treatment if his attacks are out of control.

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