Friday, August 15, 2008

Common Home Remedies for Treating Bronchitis

By Paul Tamens

If you are looking for home remedies that you can use to treat bronchitis there are many options available. There are home remedies that are based on eating certain types of foods and taking certain types of mixed recipes. There are others that are based on what you should be doing and what you shouldn't be doing. Regardless of which remedy you try, you want to see what works best for you while at the same time trusting your own judgment not to do anything that will harm your long term health in the process.

Your diet plays a major role in determining how long you are going to be afflicted with bronchitis. If you eat the right things, you will find yourself able to fight off the illness faster. If you eat the wrong things, you will find yourself inflicted with the disease longer. If you have bronchitis you should make sure you drink lots of water as you are at risk of dehydration because of the constant mucus build up. Water also acts as fuel for the immune system to do its job for you.

The consumption of fruit not only serves as an additional strategy towards fighting dehydration but it also gives your body plenty of vitamins and other nutrients that it needs to power the immune system. Drink lots of orange juice and consume lots of juicy fruits including oranges, apples, grapes, pineapples and strawberries.

Another effective home remedy for dealing with bronchitis is to bathe in hot water. Turn the faucet in the bath tub on and fill it up with water as hot as you can take. Take some baking soda and pour it into the bath. After allowing the baking soda to mix with the very warm bath water, get into the tub and soak in it for at least 15-20 minutes. This remedy not only relaxes the body, allowing the immune system to have an easier job at fighting bronchitis but breathing in the hot fumes does wonders as well.

There are many concoctions that you can take to fight bronchitis as well. One of the most common home remedies for fighting bronchitis is to use ginger. Drinking some hot ginger tea can do wonders to helping you to clear up your breathing passages. Ginger also helps to reduce fever which occurs sometimes particularly if your bronchitis condition is being caused by a virus.

Another option for you to fight bronchitis is to get some fresh air while walking. Of course, you have to live in an area that has fresh air in order to do this. If so, the walk will help your body fight off the germs and also make it easier for you to breathe. However, you don't want to engage in a full workout as this will focus too much of your body's energy on working out and nto enough on fighting the illness.

Taking a walk for some fresh air does wonders for curing bronchitis particularly if you live in an area with low pollutants and low pollen count. Besides the exercise helping to build your body's immune system (although you don't want to overdo it as you are suppose to be getting plenty of rest), the fresh air will also help you to clear up your lungs.

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