Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vegetarian Food Pyramid Facts

By Jim John

The vegetarian food pyramid is very similar to the food pyramid that we have all seen. In place of meat it will list the legumes and nuts that are an alternative protein to animal products. It also replaces the fiber category with a vegetable and fruit category at the bottom of the pyramid. This is possible because of the high fiber content of most fruits and vegetables. It is not necessary to add fiber as a separate tier on the pyramid.

You should note that the usual vegetarian food pyramid is not the one you should use for a vegan diet. It makes recommendations for dairy products that will not be used with a strict vegan diet. In its place are foods such as soy items that will replace these dairy items. There is a food pyramid that is designed specifically for vegans and it will usually include bread and grains. These items are missing from the general vegetarian pyramid.

The food pyramid is an excellent reference for those trying to determine their nutritional needs. If you are concerned about getting the right foods in the right amounts, you should take a look at the pyramid and plan your diet accordingly. The vegetarian pyramid gives you serving amounts daily just as the traditional food pyramid does so you will be able to determine if you are getting the right amounts.

The vegetarian food pyramid also helps you determine how much of each type of food your body needs and what is over the limit. At the top of the pyramid for the smallest amounts are fats, oils and sweets. This is the way it should be if you are looking for the healthiest diet available.

The vegetarian food pyramid offers a graphic illustration of the healthy features of this diet. You can be certain of your diet being as healthy as it could be if the vegetarian food pyramid is followed faithfully. This happens to be a good method for dieters who are considering a vegetarian diet to reduce weight by incorporating the food recommendations.

To adopt a vegetarian diet and maintain healthy nutrition levels may sometimes prove difficult since some food items are limited or missing. It remains however a totally possible task. While it takes time and effort to plan your healthy diet, the end result will be a longer and healthier life. Vegetarians are known to be generally healthier than those who consume meat.

The vegetarian food pyramid can be a helpful resource and diet planning aid for those who are just beginning the vegetarian lifestyle. The newcomer will have a greater understanding of the nutritional aspects of the diet as well as being more aware as to what is needed to maintain this healthier lifestyle. The transition towards a healthier diet is easier than ever, due to the amount of information that is available. You will discover that an all around improvement in your health by becoming a vegetarian is delicious and easy.

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