Friday, August 1, 2008

You are not alone in your anxiety

By Adam Mahon

When people have social anxiety disorder or social phobia everyday situations can become very overwhelming. These feelings of anxiety can become intense and can vary from person to person.

All anxiety disorders are not equal, different people find different things cause them to have anxiety attacks. Men will find different situations cause their anxiety disorder to come to the fore than women do.

People with social anxiety fear that they will make mistakes that everyone will notice, they fear that they are always going to be judged by others, they have the fear of being embarrassed or humiliated by themselves in front of others, they think that everyone's attention is on them, and they think that other people are more capable of doing something in the same situation.

Does eating out with people you don't know make you feel trembly, sick and sweaty? if you were suffering from a social anxiety disorder then it is very possible that you would feel exactly like that.

The symptoms of anxiety very often lead to the sufferer becoming embarrassed and that embarrassment compounds the feeling of anxiety. This is part of the reason why people with social anxiety often don't socialize with anyone other than direct family members.

When you go to pull a plaster off , the time you spend thinking about how much it will hurt seems to make you more anxious than the actual removal of the plaster itself. That is just how it feels when a social anxiety sufferer knows they will have to use a public rest room or public telephone.

If social anxiety is not recognized and treated then it takes over peoples lives, it normally starts affecting their social life first. Social anxiety keeps millions of people locked up in their own homes and the fear gets worse and worse the longer it goes on.

Just because a child is shy it does not mean that they will suffer from anxiety later in life. Social anxiety usually starts at a early age and there unless it is treated it will make the teenage years and beyond be even more difficult than they usually are.

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