Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Traditional Shiatsu Massage is Transformed in Massage Chairs

By Steve Taylor

Shiatsu actually evolved from the roots of acupuncture which targets certain trigger points throughout the body. These triggers points are thought to regulate the flow of energy in the body. Blockages can occur which hinders the flow of energy. Shiatsu applies pressure with different motions and firmness to help manipulate the energy flow. Shiatsu is a strict tradition, which found its way into mechanical versions with the rising Japanese manufacturing prowess. Now you can find shiatsu massage therapy in a massage chair with finese of a Japanese master.

A master shiatsu therapist is trained to locate and apply gentle pressure to your body's acupressure points. By using gentle, yet firm pressure, energy is restored throughout the body. This helps to bring back harmony and well being. The shiatsu also uses vigorous tapping to loosen tight muscles. a firm kneading action is used to make the muscles more pliable. This helps to restore the muscles natural elasticity.

The evolution of technology includes robotic massage chairs capable to imitate a shiatsu massage therapist. The most advanced models locate acupressure points by making a scan of the body. The chair then accurately pinpoints an individual's acupressure points. These shiatsu massage chairs can deliver a full body shiatsu massage including the acupressure points which induce whole body relaxation.

Technology has seen advances in the features designed to perform shiatsu techniques incorporated into massage chairs. Since the beginning of time, shiatsu massage has been performed by humans in traditional medicine. The mechanical systems integrated into current shiatsu massage chairs realistically imitate hand and finger movements. Amazingly, the integration of electronics and software controls make theses mechanical fingers do many functions. Human contact has many subtle movements which are difficult to copy, but machines do not get tired.

A shiatsu massage induces deep relaxation, increases the energy flow and brings the body back into balance. The shiatsu massage technique employs rhythmic, gradual pressure and stretching. Shiatsu also applies pressure to specific points in the body. Shiatsu is believed to manipulate the flow of energy in the body, restoring balance and well being. Effective shiatsu massage increases the energy flow while inducing deep relaxation to brings the natural balance back. Shiatsu massage has been performed by skilled therapists to ease and relieve aches and pains throughout the body.

Shiatsu is geared to reverse the process of the body under tension. When the body is under tension, the vital organs kick into high gear to support the body. This stress tightens muscles for action. Shiatsu works to stimulate the acupressure points to relax the vital organs. This helps the whole body to relax. The kneading and tapping actions help to stimulate the muscles. These techniques have been imitated quite precisely in the best massage chair recliners.

Find relief for many of your issues and symptoms with a shiatsu massage chairs. They have a wide variety of massage therapies to assist your needs. Shiatsu is used to treat some forms of arthritis to bring relief. It can help stimulate circulation and bring better color to the skin. Reduce muscular pain, or warm up muscles prior to exercise with an invigorating shiatsu massage. A shiatsu massage assists to metabolize fat to increase stamina and nutrition flow throughout the body.

The shiatsu massage chairs today are beautifully crafted master masseuses. They have certainly overcome some major technical challenges. These sophisticated wonders have realistic feeling fingers and thumbs to provide superior back coverage. They are getting closer and closer to the human touch. They also have some distinct advantages. They are always available and never tire, even when you push their buttons. The shiatsu massage chairs of today are truly technological wonders that will soon be an indespensible asset in your home.

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