Friday, August 1, 2008

The Benefits of Incense in Aromatherapy

By Sarah Page

Aromatherapy refers to the use of various scents to provide particular mental and physical outcomes. There are many benefits to aromatherapy. The finding that aromatherapy provides certain mental and physical results have been proven by both the spiritual and scientific. In this article, we will expound on the many benefits of the use of incense in aromatherapy.

While many people implement the use of aromatherapy by applying and/or inhaling certain fragrances, it has been found that the use of incense can be just as effective. If you decide to implement the use of incense, it should be noted that you use the proper precautions to ensure that you and your surroundings are kept safe. You should use the proper incense burning tools, and never leave the incense unattended.

The following list includes several different types of incense that are used in aromatherapy. This list, while short, will give you a good idea of how specific types of incense have a function in aromatherapy. If you have a question regarding a specific incense, then feel free to consult Mr. Google or your local library.

1) One popular incense with a lot of great benefits is the Dragon's Blood incense. Burning this incense will help you with is the relief of diarrhea, alleviating the symptoms of a stomach virus, reducing fevers and even helping with the pain of ulcers.

2) Another incense that is quite popular is the Sandalwood incense. This has been shown to help mitigate stress and bring a person closer to their spiritual awareness.

3) Lavender is an incense known to help calm and soothe people. This might be a great way to end a work day.

4) Amber is an incense that smells great and helps the body to balance the body's various systems.

5) Indian Cedar incense has been shown to help with depression and other mood disorders.

6) If you are wanting to stimulate sexual activity and get aroused, then consider burning the Jasmine incense. This incense works for both male and female and balances all things related to hormones.

7) Patchouli incense has been found to help soothe the nerves in the body. It has also been found to make the nerves stronger.

8) Rose incense helps to promote balance with your spiritual side. It has also been noted to assist in meditation and focusing one's attention.

In aromatherapy, incense are used to provide many different benefits. Not only that, but incense are very inexpensive, with as many as 20 for under a dollar! If you order larger amounts, then you can get even better deals. Usually the best solution is purchasing incense at large quantities with a lot of different varieties within the package.

Aromatherapy is extremely beneficial and safe. There are no dangerous side effects to the use of aromatherapy, so, it can be performed at any time. The use of incense of aromatherapy has been proven effective for many years now. Numerous other scents provide aromatherapy benefits. You can find these scents by doing a simple internet search, or looking up books on it at your local library.

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