Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps!

By Shanna Abraham

Most women suffer pain in their lives and sometimes it may feel as if they are being punished for being female. Even if you have irregular cycles, you can still get hit with menstrual cramps, though some women get them worse than others.

The condition of endometriosis (which affects 1 in 10 women) can also increase the pain a woman will feel during this time. There are a few women that seem to suffer no pain at all, whereas many have them so bad they can barely get out of bed for days during their cycle.

The problem is getting a menstrual cramp relief remedy that you can guarantee will work every month. Often the easiest way to help stop this is complaint to just take a pain relief tablet.

You can try any pain relief remedy and they should work but many women swear by Pamprin which was designed just for this reason. Even if you don't like taking pain medication and have always steered clear of pain relief, this may be a time to reconsider.

There should be no guilt about wanting to live a normal life each month so why put up with pain? Often the cramps are just one aspect of the discomfort because they can also be accompanied by nausea and the feeling of eating a very large meal.

After some time of enduring these pains I realized that I was only hurting myself and looked into other menstrual cramp relief remedies. Of course when the complaint is irregular it can be even more annoying because there were some cycles where I felt almost no discomfort at all!

I have tried all sorts including quite recently a heat pad which seems to work but I do have to vary where I position it for it to be effective. If you have tried pain relief pills and don't always find they work then it may be worth you trying a heat pad to relieve your discomfort.

When you have painful and long lasting menstrual cramps each month, you may have to take more action. The problem really arises when time has to be taken form work; no employer likes this every month.

Of course you could try speaking to your doctor to see what thoughts he or she has on menstrual cramp relief remedies, especially if it causing you problems in addition to pain. Quite often it can be a simple case of being prescribed one of the birth control pills as these are effective for many women and this might be something your doctor recommends.

Your doctor will probably have a number of available options to talk to you about because if you are trying for a baby you can't use the pill now can you? Just remember to talk about your health matters with your doctor to see if it is safe for you to be on the Pill, and remember, this isn't an option if you are trying to get pregnant and in that case, you may just have to grin and bear your discomfort. It may take some trial and error but you will find a remedy eventually.

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