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Understanding The Early Symptoms Of Diabetes

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Diabetes can be genetic in origin, that is it can be traced in the genes of certain families. If you have a family history of diabetes, then you need to be careful and extra vigilant in recognizing the early symptoms of diabetes. Being able to catch the early symptoms of diabetes can determine whether your diabetes is severe or manageable with just medications and a strict diet.

There are races which are more prone to diabetes compared to others. This who have traces of Native American, African American, Latino and Pacific Islander heritage are prone to diabetes. An individual's weight, lifestyle, age and genes are among the factors which can trigger diabetes in an individual. A family history of diabetes can be the reason why many people always have check ups to see if their body is functioning as it should be.

What are The Early Symptoms Of Diabetes To Watch Out For

Among the many early symptoms of diabetes is blurry vision, frequent urination, increased feeling of fatigue, extreme hunger, irritability, excessive thirst and sudden weight loss. These early symptoms of diabetes need to be recognized as soon as possible before the individual goes from pre-diabetes stage to full diabetes.

Other early symptoms of diabetes are frequent skin infections or yeast infections. Since yeast p[refer to grow on sugar, it is understandable that these will occur on a person who is secreting basically sweet urine and sweat. People who may have diabetes also feel sleepy or tired most of the time. When they sit down to watch TV or read, they tend to fall asleep quite readily.

Luckily, the early symptoms of diabetes are warning lights that help us to know that we have the disease. Without these early symptoms of diabetes we will surely develop full blown diabetes without us knowing a thing. Hence, it is important to be vigilant and observant regarding changes in our bodily functions and lifestyle. It is better to avoid eating too much food with carbohydrates to lessen the chances of the risk of diabetes.

What Do You Do If You Suspect You Have Diabetes

If you determine that you are experiencing early symptoms of diabetes, go to your medical practitioner to have a blood analysis done. This is one easy way to know if you have the disease or not. It will also help to discover if you have any other underlying ailments. Your doctor can help to diagnose your symptoms and give you professional help, if necessary.

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