Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why Are Blood Pressure Medications So Dangerous?

By Christian Goodman

Medications of high blood pressure is far more dangerous then High blood pressure. The reasons are listed below :

The medical companies are also aware that the medications for hypertension causes serious side effects.

Some of the major side effects are dizziness, headache, fatigue, depression, throbbing of the heart, lack of energy, lack of concentration, impotency, frigidity etc.

What's worse, these medications give rise to the feeling of "false security"

Wearing a safety helmet with an invisible crack on it. It is like taking more risk by trusting the helmet but when something hits you in the head and the helmet breaks and your head along with it.

Hypertension medications neither cure hypertension nor protect you from sudden fatal cardiovascular events - such as heart attack, stroke, embolism, kidney failure and other conditions that are directly caused by high blood pressure. It often doesn't even work to normalize the blood pressure itself.

Around 50 % of the population dies due to these diseases. And people who are using the medications the mortality rate is still higher. But people are put on medications for their life, they think that they are safe , but the safety device doesn't work.

Stress and wrong diet are the reason that medications don't work.

The living standards have been very high in western world. It is not easy to live a good life. Though we have plenty to eat and nice clothes to wear and shelter but the worries and stress have also increased and plagued us so much.

Hypertension is caused by the worrying thoughts running through a normal person mind 24/7. They have tension in their mind and body which doesn't allow them to relax or sleep. This builds an emotional tension.

You definitely need to take a break!

Your mind needs a few minutes focused break every day. And watching TV doesn't cut it. It actually makes it worse. You absolutely do need to give your body and mind a few minutes break from all tension and all worries every single day.

People in the western world are dying due to hypertension. But a focussed break regularly could have saved many life's.

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